First time in Germany as a vegan: Day 5 and Day 6

Groß Schauen in front of the fish restaurant

Groß Schauen in front of the fish restaurant

The fish restaurant: Fries and salad! Not entirely healthy, but food nonetheless. I was satisfied. I wasn’t in the kind of company you’d feel comfortable in taking pictures of the food you’re about to eat. So I didn’t. But instead, my dear followers, I present you with a couple of shots from the

Groß Schauen by the lake

Groß Schauen by the lake

place we visited. It’s Groß Schauen, a small village south of Berlin that is known for…drum roll…it’s fish restaurant!

Today, I went back into the city and hung around Alexanderplatz. I did a bit of shopping and I visited the GDR museum. I have been meaning to go there for years and am glad I finally made it. It is interesting when one’s birthplace is considered history. By interesting, I mean that I feel really old (I am not really old!).

Spicy vegetable curry soup

Spicy vegetable curry soup

Afterwards, we used the good old Berlin vegan app again. This time it guided us to a place called Chipps. I don’t think I’ll go back. It wasn’t entirely bad, actually the food was pretty good. But when we got there, the main concept it was advertised with (per our app) wasn’t available. They offer a build-your-own-menu deal. The waitress informed us upon arrival that this would take far too long. She didn’t even feel comfortable telling us how long exactly. All of this was presented in a totally unapologetic happy voice. Their menu wasn’t the easiest to wrap your head around and my company didn’t immediately understand what the waitress so poorly described. She got pretty impatient. We basically were left with five choices. One of them was vegan and by default the one I picked. Because I ordered a peanut chili dressing with my salad, the overly happy waitress suggested my company should order the same dressing (it’s easier for the kitchen). This entire ordering  experience sucked. And that is why I won’t be back. But the food was great. I had a vegetable curry that was spicy deliciousness. They also label the (usually) many vegan choices reliably and even have wonderful desserts (like coconut rice pudding). So if you are ever in the Gendarmenmarkt area, feel free to stop by. The food is worth it and they may not have a bad day every day.

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  1. and i have to say THANK YOU to you (U.S.A.) because since this time i (GERMANY) know about the BERLIN VEGAN app!

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